Winter Fishing for Redish, Trout and Sheepshead in St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg fisherman will take pleasure in catching Redfish, Trout and Sheepshead this winter season as Florida is expecting moderate winter weather condition through January of 2019.

Sheepshead are always among the most reputable targets in winter season, and they will continue to be a leading bet for anglers who prefer tasty fillets. They’re generally pan-sized fish 12 to 14 inches long, however, they have a great deal of fragile white meat on them, and with a limitation of 15 daily, it’s possible to feed a large household numerous times on a day’s catch.

Sheepshead are usually discovered in rocky domestic canals, commercial harbours and in ICW cuts in winter season. They usually hang near hard structures where barnacles, mussels and oysters grow because those are their preferred foods. They utilize their sheeplike teeth to grind the shellfish off the pilings.

Fresh-cut shrimp in 1-inch pieces is all the bait needed for sheepshead, though they also like fiddler crabs, mussels and tubeworms effectively, for those who take the time to catch these baits. All are best fished on a size 1 to 1/0 circle or octopus hook, with simply sufficient enough weight to get the bait to the bottom.
Trout and redfish tend to be found in deep holes, property canals and larger troughs on the flats in winter season, moving even more inland if we get a couple of nights listed below freezing. When the water temperatures drop considerably many of these fish will be discovered congregating near the power plants in Tampa Bay where there is a warm water source for them. In any celebration, this migration takes place every winter season.

One approach of discovering these fish is to slow troll the canals and much deeper areas of rivers like the Alafia, Manatee and Little Manatee with swimmer-tail quarter-ounce jigs about 4 inches long on trolling motor power. Where you find one trout or red in winter season there might be 50 more, so if you put in the time, you’re most likely to eventually strike it abundant.

Fish tend to build up in specific in turning basins at the end of canals, in areas where 2 canals meet, or where a canal has actually opened a spring circulation undersea. In the rivers, the deep holes that frequently comprise on the exterior of a bend can be prime.

While casting jigs or small swimbaits like the 4-inch Tsunami split tail usually does the job on winter season trout and reds, there’s no concern that live shrimp does even far better. Tailhook a whole shrimp on a size 1 or 1/0 circle hook and walk it slowly along the bottom in the holes, or where there’s strong tide blood circulation merely let the existing moving it. A DOA 3-inch shrimp is a close 2nd to the real thing where there’s moving water.

All this action is especially attractive due to the reality that it’s exceptionally simple fishing, without any special casting abilities required, so it’s an exceptional household pursuit.

Nonetheless, for those who prefer a bit more trouble, wading the flats in winter can likewise produce all 3 types thought about here. Both redfish and sheepshead “tail” in shallow water, particularly when northeast winds integrate with a spring low tide around the new or moon. Practically the entire east coast of Tampa Bay provides good action when these conditions occur, as does the east coast of Sarasota Bay. There are similar opportunities in the northern bays releasing Charlotte Harbor.

Trout do not tail, however, some huge ones do prowl the holes and runouts in the flats in winter, and they gradually wreck plastic or live shrimp fished unweighted, along with shallow-running jerk baits like the Mirrodine.

All of this action needs a terrific eye to recognize the fish and exceptional casting abilities to put the bait near them without worrying them. But for those with a desire for the supreme challenge of the inshore flats, this is it– and the clear water established by winter chill produces the prime-time show to try it.
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