Unhealthy consumption habits

Unhealthy consumption habits, medications or improper hair care. The secretion production can also vary with the amendment of seasons, climate changes, secretion fluctuations or longer periods of stress.
A specialist can facilitate in serious cases of oily hair. The prescribed medications contain all-trans-retinoic acid Best Shampoo for Oily and Greasy Hair or ATRA for brief (a antiophthalmic factor connected substance), that regulates the oil gland secretions. However, in most cases special hair care product can build associate degree finish of excessively oily hair. These productcan restore the balanced production of oily substances from the oleaginous glands. alga or herbs like fern ally, rosemary, coltsfoot, the Urtica dioica, Chamaemelum nobilis and sage regulate the secretion production and quiet the scalp. medicative tar shampoos can also regulate the secretion secretion.

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