Twitch Cracks Down On Early Streams

Square Enix asked you not to stream Final Fantasy VII Remake until April 10. It was really a plea for the gaming community to have respect for other fans who didn’t receive the game early and kept the spoils away from the internet. But some members of the gaming community have decided to ignore it and it is now time to pay the piper. When Square Enix sent early physical copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake to gamers in Australia and parts of Europe, it did so with a special message from game producer Yoshinori Kitase, who politely asked gamers to withhold them until April 10 .Twitch Cracks Down On Early Streams Of Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Takes Down Videos And Even Bans Some Streamerstime Square also released the game’s material use license. The usage license, which all players agree to follow by playing the game, states that nothing can be shared online until April 10. Anything previously shared is a violation of copyright law. But a number of Twitch streamers didn’t care. Twitch had to work to shoot these illegal streams off the game before they could do too much damage. Some streamers, like the ones above, have even banned their entire account because they tried to stream the game in violation of copyright law. Some members of the online community have reacted logically to this news, pointing out that if you are specifically told that something is illegal and you do it, you will suffer the consequences.