The automatic suction on the grafts the two while removal

The automatic suction on the grafts the two while removal as well as société, the more detail control presented in the your punches for removal and the implanter for société, makes HARTAS the most robotic and doctor friendly locks transplant products available around the world. Harrts can be quite easily applied even simply by an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon who has recently learnt the head of hair transplant process. The least invasiveness and least human mind games during the whole procedure make sure the best graft quality and survival, in doing so providing the very best results after having a hair transplant procedure.

The automation plus the guided removal and société process of harrts, makes harrts the easiest to work with hair implant system also for those who are a new comer to the hair treatment field. With guided arrêter technology employed in harrts, the surgeon will not need to worry about the depth of scoring and also the depth of implantation. Harrts or individuals assisted immediate Robotic Hair Transplant Machine program, is the uk’s fastest, best, least unpleasant, automated, virtually all result focused and most cosmetic surgeon friendly head of hair transplant program available internationally. Harrts lovers both the score of the grafts and the removal into you single stage thus minimizing the time of graft harvestation to less than 50 %.

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