Terraria’s Final Update Journeys

Brace yourself, as this is the news that fans have been desperately complaining about since the final update of Terraria was announced. It is worth noting that it is based only on various statements of anonymous posters on the internet on a well-known hive of interchangeable shame and brilliance known as 4Chan; it resonates with reason, regardless of what it means on that site. In the recent announcement that Terraria sold 30,000,000 copies, and on Re-Logic’s Twitter, they said they were about to release Journey’s End, the current planned final update of Terraria. Also that it will release soon. An anonymous poster on 4Chan said that the update will take place in the upcoming 9th anniversary of Terraria, on May 16; about a month and a half from now. It is not too much to assume that the final update would take place in celebration of Terraria’s anniversary; it is almost obvious in execution. Terraria’s Final Update Journeys End May Be Happening Sooner Than We Think Based On Rumors While it is (not at all) likely that Re-Logic will go to a place like 4Chan to finally announce when their expected final update occurs, the site has been a source of leaks from disgruntled employees in the past. Lately, the PlayStation 5 on 4Chan has been leaked accurately, which proved to be correct even after Sony denied it. Still, a healthy dose of skepticism is very important if you read anything on 4Chan’s website (or the Internet in general), since the users are all anonymous. The timeline usually corresponds to the date the current Vanity competition hosted by Re-Logic closes, as well as the April 13 deadline; more than enough time to include the files for a computer version, which doesn’t take nearly as long as it does for consoles and mobile versions.