Sword and Sandals: Spartacus Mobile Game

Whiskeybarrel Studios recently released the latest title in its Sword and Sandals series. The game, Sword and Sandals: Spartacus, is a fighting platform game with the legendary gladiator.

The game was released on Steam on December 22 of last year but is now announced on mobile.

A man who freed himself from an arena of brutal gladiators. A man who faced the most powerful legions of ancient Rome. This is the story of the legendary… Spartacus! “Says the description of the Steam store,” Now, for the first time, take the sword of the greatest gladiator of all time and take on Rome yourself in this exciting action fighting platformer. Dark dungeons beneath the arenas of Capua at the heights of Vesuvius and beyond, you will face brutal slave drivers, graying legionaries and powerful centurions by freeing the slaves of Rome. Sword and Sandals: Spartacus Mobile Game Announced Following PC Release

The game contains “retro combat platforms” in an adventure set in ancient Rome. Besides the normal story mode, there is an additional permadeath mode for a bigger challenge.

Other titles in the Sword and Sandals series include Pirates and Medieval titles. They all include a similar “retro combat platform” that replicates the arcade experience.

While the developer’s website covers the entire series from its inception to its future destination, publisher egames.com has announced more news.

On the publisher’s official website, egames.com, the banner indicates that the game is now available on Steam and is “coming soon to Google Play and the App Store