Kevin Durant And Rihanna Have Hilarious Exchange

During DJ Spade’s Instagram Live session, Rihanna and Kevin Durant took over the comments section with their hilarious jokes. The two celebrities had a super funny round trip on the coronavirus and fans couldn’t help but notice them even among the thousands of other viewers and be entertained.

It all started when Rihanna saw KD in the cat and she started joking about her diagnosis of the strand of COVID-19 virus that caused panic around the world.

“Is KD allowed here ?? Do I have to wear a mask for this live? she joked, teasing the basketball player.

All jokes aside, she then admitted that the subject was actually very serious, adding: “But for real, get well soon KD [red heart emoji.]”

However, the interaction did not stop there because Kevin was quick to respond, applauding him.
Kevin Durant And Rihanna Have Hilarious Exchange About Coronavirus After The Basketball Star Tests Positive
“Yo Robyn, aren’t you from Europe?” he asked, referring to the fact that the pandemic is also quite serious in Europe.

He was of course suggesting that she could also be infected with a coronavirus but that she did not know

not yet.

‘Nah the easy money s ** t. I have returned to the United States in the past two months, “said Rihanna, adding that she probably would have already had symptoms if she had suffered from them.

However, the man insisted that the virus was ‘lurkin’ in Europe also in December, when she was there.

Indeed, it is not impossible for Rihanna to still have it because many infected people are asymptomatic but can still transmit it to others.

It was then that Drake joined the conversation, writing that “We have to kill the jokes correy treyfive [laughing emoji that pl