Kalista Was Picked Or Banned In Every

Fnatic ADC Rekkles was reluctant to play against Kalista during Spring Split, despite a positive record with the champion in previous years. Fnatic’s inability to flex Kalista inevitably led the team to lose the grand finale. This had an impact on the writing phase, with Rekkles falling back on Aphelios and Miss Fortune, while G2 Esports took priority of choice. This resulted in a quick sweep of three games and the G2’s fourth consecutive playoff victory.Kalista Was Picked Or Banned In Every Game Of The 2020 League European Championship Spring Playoffs

Kalista made its first appearance this year when TheShy from Invictus Gaming played it in a solo queue. After practicing the champion in the top lane, TheShy exposed Kalista in the Chinese LPL in March, defeating KkOma’s Vici Gaming convincingly.

From that moment, the champion became a priority choice around the world. But what makes Kalista such a strong champion is her ability to falter. It can be played in the top track and the bot as an effective substitute for Aphelios and Miss Fortune. She is not the best team combat champion, but in the laning phase and when it comes to pushing for goals, she is a high level choice.