Identification and treatment for all bladder

Identification and treatment for all bladder conditions, together with benign and malignant cases. we tend to notably STD Test Singapore concentrate on cases like acute, chronic, continual and opening cystitis; hyperactive and hypoactive hypotonic bladder; painful bladder syndrome; and bladder cancer. Our knowledgeable specialist can perform specialised piss tests, wireless urodynamics investigation, and versatile cystoscopy scrutiny if needed. Al Khayal Medical Centre performs identification and treatment of benign prostate enlargement, glandular cancer, and rubor. varied treatment choices ar offered by our knowledgeable urologists together with Plasma vaporisation for benign prostatic hyperplasia, Shockwave medical aid for Chronic girdle pain and Radical extirpation for glandular cancer.

Kidney and Ureteric Stones

We conduct associate ultrasound and CT scan to accurately pinpoint the presence and site of urinary organ and ureteric stones. the most effective specialist in metropolis usually administers non-invasive shockwave or ureteroscopy optical device treatment for the effective treatment of urinary organ or ureteric stones.Patients with tract Infection will trust our urologists for the quick and effective treatment of acute and continual UTI. Among the procedures conducted for this ar urinary cultures, ultrasound, and CT scan. Our skilled urogenital medicine team can make certain that you simply receive best care throughout any procedure.

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