Future-oriented companies

Horva a north norwegian farming fair and food great. An labor was taken up solder the eye in planning an farming exhibition by ytre-helgeland in 2005. The theory was to make a three-day considerable folk event with horticulture in emphasis. It was a hit the first time, and already the farming fair, foodstuff fair horva is put in place every 36 months, so that it moves when you will discover no different national festivals, such as agroteknikk and agrisja.

The purpose of horva is to feature and job the north norwegian farming industry, much better direct and indirect monetary effects it includes that many individuals visit hald region associated with the reasonable. Horva is actually a foundation which includes representatives through the hald cities. The interest in horva 2019 is great during northern norwegian and trondelag, and the chosen board chooses to lift up the se denne siden to accommodate extra people. Consequently , this year we certainly have chosen to head out the good to the centre of sandnessjoen. Here it will have free access and much thrilling for the whole family unit. There will end up being cultural factors, fairs and a lot more. Future-oriented companies modern products will be in focus the moment innovative participants gather to showcase additionally, firm abs latest and best they may have of devices and tools.

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