Free Service to Combine Documents

Free Service to Combine Documents In One Click


AltoMergePDF found a new solution for the paperless workflow. Speed up your business and save your time, by avoiding unnecessary operations. Create multiple files combining several documents into one with brand new powerful online tool. Focus on what is really important and forget about annoying routine.


New technologies make printing, sending mail parcels and meeting in person a thing of the past. Today online platforms are the best way to organize documentation. Classifying docs has been being automated for over a decade. Portable devices has become the new normal. Modern services allow businesses and individuals manage their documents on the go. All these aspects are great opportunities for the business. Follow up on the advanced tools, designed specially for editing and preparing documents online. The best editors now are available online and don’t require downloading and installation. An unmatched user experience is the highest priority for the cross platform services that are easily accessible from any internet connected device.

For over the years people used to have a lot of office equipment for standart routine procedures. Printer, scanner, storage folders – a lot of space consumed and money spend. A lot of steps included and sending one documents may take a lot of time. Converting, splitting, merging, rotating pages required installing specific software. Having to purchase the service was another hoop users had to jump through. In case you have an urgent task to complete or you just want to have quick access to all your documentation while on the go, you may now only visit a website. AltoMerge offers you to make operation with your files the simplest way.


Benefits of  AltoMergePDF Tools


Explore the benefits of absolutely for free. The simple sequencing design allows you to complete all required actions in just a few minutes.

Here is the list of the basic features, you will definitely enjoy:

  • Upload fast. To get started you just need to drag and drop your PDFs into the box on the screen. To add more files press ‘Choose File’.
  • Arrange your documents. Change the order of all the docs according to your needs. It takes only few clicks. All uploaded PDFs are easy to rearrange or delete in case you have changed your mind.
  • AltoMergePDF stays against the  paid software. That’s why, everything you can do with a variety of tools you can do absolutely for free.
  • Security appreciated. The website is protected with the strong encryption. Your documents will never be disclosed while they’re being uploaded and merged. All information is also deleted from the server after it’s been processed.
    • AltoMergePDF runs in a browser, so it’s compatible with all major operating systems such as iOS, Linux or Windows. Get any internet connected device to connect to the server.
    • Eliminate the problem of out of storage space on your device. The tools you can use anytime are available on the cloud storage. Nothing to download, that speeds up the the merge at the same time.

    How to merge different PDF files into a single PDF

    Combine your PDFs into a single file without bulky guidelines. Direct interface of the platform allows you to perform all the possible operations intuitively in few clicks. In addition, you don’t have to register in an account and there are no confirmation codes required. Merge your files in a few steps following the instruction below:

    1. Begin by pushing the ‘Choose Files’ button.
    2. Then, find the needed documents on your disc or upload PDFs by dragging and dropping them into the box above.
    3. Press the ‘Merge Now’ button and wait a couple of seconds.
    4. Save your newly combined PDF to your device.

    In a variety of situations when you deal with different agreements, contracts, invoices etc. forget about irritating scanning and saving. Stay organized and deal with multiple files with no hassles. Run your business much easier with correctly established document management and always have a positive result.

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