Erica Mena Shows Fans How She’s Sculpting Her Body At Home

Erica Mena’s fans have been praising her body after pregnancy for quite some time now, and what people appreciate most is that she didn’t do any work after giving birth. She was just working at home and eating a healthy diet.

Check out a video she shared on her social media account to show fans how she sculpts her body.

Erica and her husband, Safaree, both train like crazy at home during their forties. Erica Mena Shows Fans How She’s Sculpting Her Body At Home

“JSculpt” Even at home, I have to keep working “I am in love with my new JSCULPT belt! It covers my whole abdomen without rolling up! One of the great characteristics of my @jsculptfitness belts is that it has no metal boning, so it’s very comfortable to wear while I’m training and even when I’m not. Use my ERICA20 code to save 20% on any belt! As you can see, the ‘leopard print is my favorite Eric’ Erica captioned her post.

A fan said to him, “Keep shining through all this baby crap!” It fits you well! “And another subscriber overshadowed Erica and posted this:” I hate when celebrities lie about their surgeries after baby. I understand that she pushes it but it is a false advertisement if she had done everything at birth! “