David Adefeso Teaches Fans About Setting Up A Corporation For Protecting Assets

Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend David Adefeso continues his financial posts on social media, and gives fans great advice on finance. People really appreciate it, especially since we are in the midst of a pandemic that has triggered a massive global crisis.

Check out a recent post he shared online.

“Create a company to protect your assets You don’t have to be rich or wealthy to have the desire to protect the assets you worked for from the dirty hands of creditors and others who are watching your money . There are many ways to protect your assets, one of the best of which is to set up a company. Whether you operate a real estate agency, hair salon, restaurant or boutique, you should consider setting up a company. Here’s why… ”David captioned his message. David Adefeso Teaches Fans About Setting Up A Corporation For Protecting Assets

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Here’s another article that David shared and his fans liked: “Using trusts to protect your assets Of all the ways to protect your assets, trusts are the most versatile and diverse. Whether it’s stocks, your life insurance policy, your tithes and other charitable donations or even your home, there is a trust for almost everything; so don’t be shy …. if you need to, go get one. “